Our Products

Pain de Campagne

Our tribute to the classic French countryside loaf – rustic but mild, with a sweetness of character and lightness of crumb. Available in 750g, 500g and 250g loaves.

Light Rye

Using the unique properties of organic rye to give an earthy yet sweet flavour with a slightly thicker crust. Available in 750g and 500g loaves.

Penbanc Malted

Using organic light malthouse flour to produce a nutty flavour and texture. Available in 750g loaves.

Light Spelt

50% organic spelt mixed with organic untreated white flour shows off the unique taste of this heritage grain. Available in 500g loaves.

Sourdough Croissant

The classic pastry made using our specially honed sourdough techniques to produce a far more flavourful and satisfying croissant

Sourdough Bread Pudding

Delicious with tea or coffee, these traditional, fruity bread puddings offer our sourdough based take on this most comforting of desserts